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Her butt had nicely filled out the roomy seat of her car. Her wetness and his cum dripped off the sides of the leather interior. Gwendolyn knocked on the door and Alex's parents answered. When she got a text from her mom saying that they were there to pick her up, she kissed Alex goodbye and got up, but when she did, she noticed something different. It was a deep midnight red, her favorite color. Her uncle had gotten a new Dodge Charger the other day.

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inflation by arousal

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And it will have to wait until tonight. Preview This is a preview of how your comment will appear. The skin on her arm could stretch almost three inches. Sometimes Gwen was okay with it, sometimes, it made her self-conscious, but Alex loved it. Like any good parent should, Alex's parents warned them not to keep the door closed when they walked upstairs for a bit of privacy, but like any teenager, they ignored the warning.

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