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For example, Shulman used the number 0. Email alerts Article activity alert. Key ratios are summarized using mean and standard deviation SD. Others, such as Atiyeh et al, 15 used reverse calculations based on the measurement of the distances between the umbilicus, axillary folds, and sternal notch to deduce the IND and vertical position of the NAC. However, the final decision on the size and position for the NAC should always rest with the patient—guided by the surgeon. Reprints and permission: journals.

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We then apply the multiplier of 0. Related articles in PubMed [Impact of change of ideal cardiovascular behavior and related factors on healthy vascular aging]. For example, Kornstein and Cinelli 11 reported a position for the NAC which is 1 to 2 finger breadths cephalad to the intersection of the breast meridian line with the inferolateral border of pectoralis major muscle. No data were collected on NAC shape. A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

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