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You have no need to bow to either of us, so please stop acting so formal. While Wendy admitted only to herself it was a little difficult to walk, there was no way in hell she would ever forget about the events of last night. Through the networking of job requests and guild alliances, Fairy Tail's influence had spread across the entire continent, making them a national superpower which held great power in all of Fiore's affairs. This is it, the final push , Natsu thought. The tension in his muscles, the small breath of fire he let loose from his mouth while they were pressed against each other, Wendy could feel them all.

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Let's just… start with kissing for now, alright?

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Should I use my mouth, too? It was far off, but still audible, and it was unmistakably I was just afraid that you'd run off when you found out about who I really am. Apprehensively poking it with her finger, she heard Natsu groan as he only grew in size at the contact. Maybe I'll just take a nap, just for a little bit… Natsu mumbled internally before slipping off to blissful unconsciousness, his head leaning against the stone wall of his home and knocking down a framed photo of Team Natsu, the glass shattering against the wooden floor.

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