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Was there any joking going on, any practical jokes? I met lots of interesting people from all over the world and celebrities that came through and saw the show. After receiving and writing this interview out I realized that it would be fun to know if Karen knew what had happened to the costume that she used to wear as she portrayed The Enforcer in these episodes of Hercules — could she perhaps even own it herself? I thought Xena was an outstanding show and thought Lucy was doing really great things on it. Looking back on your awards, did any one of them mean more than the others and if so why? They both did most of their own stunts and took their own hard-knocks.

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Noor. Age: 29.
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Karen Sheperd is a living legend on the American martial arts scene.

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Alison. Age: 25.
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Karen has also appeared in many tv shows, both as an actor and as a double for the fighting scenes. I thought it could be good fun to add it to this blog today. Would you say that the creative freedom down on the NZ set was a surprise? Everyone made me feel so welcome. I enjoyed the Kiwis New Zealanders and their lovely way of talking, went on glorious horseback rides on the beach, ate like a Queen and had a blast working.

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