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If one of the characters gets defeated they will be replaced with one of the characters off the backup line. Stamina: Running a mission will decrease your stamina, but you will obtain experience points and Zeni. Of course, apart from battling and building up your team of girl fighters, you will also be able to seduce and ultimately have sex with all of them. The minimum is 20 for rank 1, 30 for rank 2 and 50 for rank 3. They're all free and, in our opinion, better. The maximum for each gem rank selection is for each type.

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Avery. Age: 29.
go go osawari

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Kelsey. Age: 23.
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DMM stops with the Ultra adventure go go osawari island game in 3 days

Experience Points: You will earn experience points by completing missions. Ranking: There are 4 types of gems and essentially, they are just resources used for crafting. You can get new girls, and funds called Zeni to power up your girls, by playing and repeating missions. Only the front line characters can attack, the order they attack is FF style in which their bar fills up and then they can attack, some fills faster than others. When your player level increases it will also completely recover your stamina. During missions, you can encounter new girls.

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