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Inequality follows black children to school, a place traditionally seen as a vehicle for mobility. Black teens go to jail for committing fewer crimes than their white counterparts. Black children are overrepresented in arrests for nebulous, low-level charges like loitering, breaking curfew, and suspicion. Under slavery and Jim Crow, when racial violence routinely stole black children away, keeping a black family together was an act of rebellion. Increasingly, researchers believe that rising inequality is behind the shift towards intensive parenting.

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These fundamentally different odds create separate motivations for black and white parents to be protective, even when they share class backgrounds.

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While white parents might be looking for schools that are mostly white and have high test scores, those same environments can actually hurt black students. And that ends up being just as important as if you do well on that test. The rise of intensive parenting in the US is usually traced back to the economic boom of the s. They went to these great lengths with one goal: making sure their children landed in elite schools without having to do the work to get there. Even in an age of rising inequality, white children find socioeconomic mobility easier to come by than do black children. The bus driver called in a school resource officer—a uniformed policeman—to reprimand her.

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