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I brushed my teeth really well that day, then dressed in a short skirt and a tee, ready to start the practice. With a sigh, I pulled the nightgown off and stood there, waiting. No matter what I said, all she had to do was look at me and she would never believe me. In the morning Beth got up and went to the shower as if nothing had happened at all! As Dad watched, she and I left the house.

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Then she took me to her salon and my hair was styled, set on a soft perm and I had my nails done.

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By the time he took me home, I was on cloud nine, and didn't care who knew it. Even the other girls had no clue to my real identity, and they could attest to the fact that I was as female as they were. I was just another cheerleader on the squad. Now quit crying, and sit up straight. Then, after that embarrassment, she wrapped a robe around me and walked me to the kitchen and I had a light dinner.

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