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big macintosh and rainbow dash
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This is a story about Big Mac falling in love with Rainbow Dash along with trying to keep himself out of trouble while protecting Applejack from some folks at school. The first fight you start and I will get rid of both you and your sister. Story Story Writer Forum Community. J, smiled as she left the front office as Big Mac nodded slightly. J, ah didn't mean to scare ya but, ya know ah hate being late even if by a minute or two.

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Big Mac walked through the lunchroom doors drawing almost all the attention of the students as he spotted his sister and a group of five other females all at a table.

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Big McIntosh

J, and this is my brother Big Macintosh. Do you understand, Macintosh? Big Mac sighed as he shook his head slowly and opened his mouth slowly. She walked over to the driver in front of the truck looking up at him angrily. Big Mac just nodded his head slightly. J, what were you talking about earlier when you said you don't know how long you will be staying? Rainbow Dash took Applejack's schedule as she smiled.

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