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Anybody watching the Family Crews? Rene Enjoy your gma this wkend. The ish is about to hit the fan now!!!! I mean we all have opinions but to call folks name in almost every post cause she ASSumes she is PERFECT and has all the answers miss me with that c Shauny I love when ppl co sign with her now since she wants to stand alone on her own island so bad on this blog I luvs it :yea:. Imma need the police to be knocking on their down in 5 mins.

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Al i was just about to say how you eating fish and a vegetarian Rene Enjoy your gma this wkend. It's actually low in saturated fat, but besides all that it tastes good!! We went to the World of Coke then to the mall I can't remember the name of it but that is authentic caribean food. He's finally out of transitional housing a tent and in his "dorm room. I get mad at her because she knows what time I get off work and I am predictable, she knew she should have started being my slave durning office hrs. She I gonna be a good cook I also let really I make her help me clean the house.

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