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rule 34 killing bites
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It may not end the problem completely, but now you can only be ejected from the Tarrasque's body with a wish or miracle. It's third option is to run away like a little bitch, but supplying 1, men in the field is not impossible as proven countless times in history so one can easily give chase and repeat until it's over a border and it's no longer your problem. The Tarrasque is a pure fucking engine of destruction which not-so-coincidentally resembles Godzilla. And if something can be killed in a game, it can be Cheesed. If unsuccessful it will wake up again x years later and fuck more shit up.

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Alina. Age: 20.
rule 34 killing bites

To get 75 crits we first need 20 times that, for 1,

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Emely. Age: 24.
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Kill La Kill rule 34

If unsuccessful it will wake up again x years later and fuck more shit up. To spare you the rest of the math to get 75 crits with disadvantage requires , men. If we get all 1, arrows in the air then we could get all 75 crits we need in the first volley, dropping the tarrasque in one round, but that required number of crits is of course on average and there are only "Lies, damned lies, and statistics" to quote a phrase. This isn't including critical hits, but they're a pain to calculate in 3. Also, no matter how big your army is assuming your adventuring party had enough cash to recruit mercenaries , the Tarrasque's fast metabolism will allow him to produce such powerful flatulence that all your troops will die by suffocation in just one turn.

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