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Or is it our working families who have a harder time getting by each year? The agreement effectively overrides any input from local communities. The promise and beauty of democracy are that everyone comes to the table with their concerns, and solutions arise to address the needs of the common good. Is it the largest corporations making the largest profits the world has ever seen? President Bush certainly has a way with political rhetoric: compelling By shutting out the workers in these discussions, it is too easy for businesses to outsource jobs to countries with weaker labor laws.

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And if we thought worker protections were weak in America before, consider the fact that labor laws are much weaker in South Korea.

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Another bad backroom deal

The biggest effect for America is that free-trade agreements send our jobs overseas. To remain competitive, we will lose the quality of our jobs here in the United States. President Bush certainly has a way with political rhetoric: compelling, empty and misleading. However, despite the efforts to lock workers and the public out of the process, thousands of protesters are in Seattle to protest these backroom dealings. Gigantic multinational corporations and corporate CEOs are the big winners, enabling them to increase their own bonuses, pat themselves on the back and pay all workers less.

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