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Yesterday, Kid told me human children had circled them and pushed them on the ground… and every time they tried to stand up, those humans pushed them to the ground again. Finally, after so long, Chara has brought the Underswap Monsters to the Surface. B'sides, you look fairly shaken up. Ask sara-fox a question charisk promisetale female frisk male chara. Slowly, the small skeleton nodded. She realized now she was indeed overtired. You have to let it out sometimes.

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Presley. Age: 30.
undertale female frisk

Sans looked confused for a second she savored, before she, in turn, raised nonchalantly an even more sarcastic eyebrow.

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Elin. Age: 27.
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Underfell Grillby X Listener

You must be solicited all day long, without any moment of respite! She had to take a big breath before she could ask: -No shortcuts? They all jumped in unison at the unknown voice, coming from a woman passing by. Sans looked at her intensely, then sighed. She waited for an answer and seeing he was still silent, she went on. Her blood was fired by his glaze, by his lukewarm hand holding hers, by him being close, so close to her….

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