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Just please be sure to follow the format! Marketing Our Hosted Games. Ought there be a Patreon slot in this list to have all the Patreon links in one place? If you need my help navigating the list just PM me, I know it looks pretty crazy when you start to edit…. Jender December 19, , am 5. Sorry, tried to find a link button on Tumblr to no avail.

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Also, my Twitter is nptoaster and my Tumblr is theparentingsimulator unless Inneed some kind or something for that.

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Note: Only the creators, members, or mods of individual servers can generate invite links to Discord, so if you have a Discord for your game, please add it to this list yourself! Kudos on all the hard work, it looks great. This was very cool of you to do, and even cooler of you to continue updating for everyone. HomingPidgeon January 11, , am 8. I assume sviyagin made the tumblr for a reason after all. I am too concerned about screwing something up to go through with editing the wiki. Jender December 19, , am 5.

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