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This is why chicks get it on with each other. To which I say, "That's what Jesus would do. Except we all had the cloud of bad news of my Dad hanging over us. I followed their logic, even though I have no idea how a hot guy is going to caulk the tub any faster. I never got to take my Mom and Dad to Vegas -- one of my favorite cities -- because they're just not Vegas people but my Dad and I would always joke that some day I would take the two of them to see Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.

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I still haven't had a good B.

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It always makes her feel better. You know how sometimes you say things you regret, and sometimes those things end up on a TV show? Their rationale was that because I'm on the road so much they'll be the ones stuck in the house with the guy, so he might as well be hot. As if either Frank or Sammy is still alive, and the Copa hadn't been torn down years ago. As usual, the corporate gig was a challenge for me but my favorite moment was the Christian gentlemen who took umbrage with my early morning potty mouth. Just like he had no power to stop it flicking that night.

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