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I see her not-I feel her near, As, charioted in mildest airs, She sails through yon empyreal sphere, And in her arms and bosom bears VI. High Mother of our spirits! The fanatics of this school declaim about Passion; but they mean by the word little more than Appetite intellectualized. And be it ours, to thy wide skirts close clinging Blindly, like babes, thy conquering flight to follow. I see you smile; but know you not Nothing is trifling which the Muse records, And lovers love to muse on? They sang of Justice, God's great attribute, With tragic buskin, and a larger stride Following the fated victim step by step. The race that here Trod down their brethren daily, in their day Might plead some poor excuse.

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Sudden, a crimson butterfly On that illumined page alit:My Psyche flung the volume by, And sister-like, gave chase to it!

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Bathe in the beam of Godhead; or fulfil With awe your ministries of love, in Man That seeing which they saw not who of old The Galilean mocked. She has only to rememvber, as well as look forward, and the Past of all those nations from which her race is derived is her Past also. It is dramatic in its scope, and represents the feelings with which the descendant of some great House dispossessed in old times might contemplate the ruin of one belonging to the later Race. Persia, the Macedonian, Carthage, Tyre? When did golden Phoebus Look sad one moment for a fair nymph's fall? His Strength, His Right Keep well:-they long have kept her! I LOVE you, pretty maid, for you are young: I love you, pretty maid, for you are fair: I love you, pretty maid, for you love me.

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