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Out here, Douglass shares his boat with all comers--as well as his drinks and, sometimes, his photographs of naked women from the party cove. Police said they stopped him because the naked women were making their job difficult, Douglass says. The party cove group that hangs out with Douglass and regularly hops into and out of the Wet Rat were brought together by the lake, but their friendships have spilled out into their regular lives, they say. Just about everybody drinks, and before long, just about everybody seems to be affected, which is all right, because that seems to be the reason people go to the party cove in the first place. Those who are already at the party cove know Douglass. His business partner stands on the bow and watches boat traffic. It's an incredible and, by most accounts, growing weekend summer party scene that looks like a water-logged Bourbon Street and feels like a friendly neighborhood bar.

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party cove sex

A second line of boats has now appeared.

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Probably the biggest tragedy on this day--at least the one that evoked the most emotion--occurred when the Wet Rat's generator quit. It appears chaotic and unsafe, at least to a newcomer. Although many seem to know each other by just their first names, they frequently get together outside of the party cove, Hall says. It wasn't long before his boat became a place where anybody could go to use the restroom, escape the heat or get help. The Lake of the Ozarks party cove is so notorious and so wild that lawmakers several times have tried to regulate it out of existence. To find out more, visit our cookies policy and our privacy policy.

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