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They were looking at boys everywhere—London, Iceland, Sweden and in the states. There's no marriage or kids for a person like that, so she's living day to day, kind of like Dorian does. So you're feeling pretty fearless now? I sent it in to the casting people and, within days, I was flying to the Penny Dreadful set in Dublin for a screen test. That's the reason they are able to connect so intimately. She's bold, but not bold in the sense of ever making a scene or being disrespectful. He was on the set every day giving me insight into my character.

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Anything that overloads his senses is exciting to him, and so he went for it.

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Penny Dreadful's Full-Frontal Surprise: Jonny Beauchamp on Angelique's Revelation

He took me into his office and said, "You have to remember that this is not you. How did they broach the nudity? You sure know how to make a splash! They didn't want drag and camp. What does the future hold for Angelique and Dorian?

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