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female ejaculation vid
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Also what is interesting is to have a girlfriend able to get an orgasm in many different ways. Secondly have you devoted any time to researching this topic at all? A veiled attempt to sexualize and eroticize urination. What people do behind closed doors is their own business as far as I'm concerned and I know saying that now sounds almost contradictory. First is marijuana, then cocain, then speed, then heroine, etc

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female ejaculation vid

Please don't misunderstand me.

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I don't ejaculate in my BA as it is not an everyday sort of thing for me but I do talk about my experience of ejaculation in my confession C Now we know that that movement alone does not make women cum. Garybob, I told you female ejaculation does exist. I don't doubt that there has been some research on this and perhaps many are convinced that "the content" of such ejaculation is something other than urine. Board footer Jump to beautifulagony. There is videos made by relatively serious women about female ejaculation. The paraurethral glands are also called "Skene's Glands.

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