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Creative writing professor Lisa Norris taught Cho in both Advanced Fiction Writing and Contemporary Fiction, and was familiar with his disturbing demeanor. Cho didn't get court-ordered treatment. Did you want to inject as much misery in our lives as you can just because you can? Federal law prohibited Westfield officials from disclosing any record of disability or treatment without Cho's permission; the officials disclosed none of Cho's speech and anxiety-related problems to Virginia Tech. I can't believe he did such a thing. Michael Welner , who also reviewed the materials, believed that Cho's rantings offer little insight into the mental illness that may have triggered his rampage. The pastor also recalled that he told Cho's mother that he speculated Cho was autistic and he asked her to take him to a hospital, but she declined.

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cho chang rule 34

According to his great-aunt, who met him twice, [21] Cho was extremely shy and "just would not talk at all.

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Seung-Hui Cho

In response to questions about Cho's case, New River Valley Community Services maintained that its facility was never named in the court order as the provider for his mental health treatment, and its responsibility ended once he was discharged from its care after the court order. During the investigation, the police found a note in Cho's room in which he criticized "rich kids", " debauchery " and "deceitful charlatans ". On February 9, Cho purchased his first handgun, a. John then accuses his stepfather of having murdered his biological father and repeatedly says that he will kill Richard. This is a PR tape of him trying to turn himself into a Quentin Tarantino character.

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