Applejack x rarity

applejack x rarity
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The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Applejack sighed and turned over, looking at Rarity once again, closing her eyes slowly, as she felt asleep. We could rock all night long till the storm stops in the morning! Rarity sighed softly and noticed Applejack also felt that awkard feeling about them from Pinkie's comment. Pinkie giggled and brought Applebloom and Sweety Belle into a hug.

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They ran, and in their way, Pinkie Pie just bounced unto Applejack.

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Applejack x Rarity - Patreon Voted Animation.

Pinkie giggled to herself, which got the attention of the two other mares. Both mares looked at each other for a bit before they chuckled at each other, Rarity then gently got on her side to try and get some sleep. Applejack blushed and smiled once again, now it was all clear, Pinkie might have been joking but Pinkie giggled again and responded. Butterflies, why it did felt like that? I haven't even had a crush.

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