Wife exhibitionism

wife exhibitionism
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Since those very early years I have always tried to leave the curtains open just a little bit more than they should be, or anything I could think of so someone might see her by accident. During her last year of high school she spent part of the time as a live in nanny, and many weekends she'd have to baby-sit. Password: Forgot your password? My desire to exhibit her body started during our dating years long ago. It was only later in life that I realized this is the moment where my strong desire to expose her was awakened. She seemed to be a bit embarrassed by the thought, but it was too late now. We did have a few moments here and there when we had gone somewhere else that he would be driving us back to her house, or my car so I could take her home.

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Maeve. Age: 26.
wife exhibitionism

He did keep looking in the mirror through the rest of the evening as I rubbed and pulled her little tits.

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Wife Exhibitionism: How it Began

It really didn't matter which light was on because no matter which one she clicked on; it was easy to tell that a nude women was walking around in the house. When it was time to get her home before curfew she was only 16 at the time I would drive through my home town, and then through the town where she lived with her still nude on the front seat beside me. The last week we were living there I went out to the side walk while she walked around the living room nude, turning various lights on and off. Before very long she would be stretched out across the front seat for as long as possible while I fondled her nude body. My desire to exhibit her body started during our dating years long ago. We would usually end up the evening somewhere parking in the car. Please Rate This Submission: 1 5 best.

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