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Additional strange inspiration came to Korine, as while eating a panini sandwich, the director thought that the pattern would "look good on Zac's face. To avoid prison time, he agrees to a year of rehabilitation but breaks out of the facility with a pyromaniac named Flicker. Retrieved November 2, Meanwhile, Lingerie shows Moondog a potent strain of cannabis , endemic to an isolated pond in Jamaica, which he claims to be responsible for his success. A character in a Bob Dylan song dancing through life's pleasure and pain knowing every interaction is another 'note' in the tune of his life. After arriving late to Heather's wedding in Miami , Moondog gropes the groom, Frank, in front of the audience. A newly-divorced Heather is impressed with her father's strides and unfreezes his inheritance, which Moondog demands to be in physical cash and placed on a large sailboat.

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The revelations provoke little reaction from Moondog.

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He bumps into an old friend and alleged Vietnam veteran dubbed "Captain Wack" who offers Moondog an opportunity to co-captain dolphin tours around the outer Keys. The Beach Bum works by never losing its tonal statement that all that really matters is what matters to you The website's critical consensus reads, "The role of a lifetime for Matthew McConaughey, The Beach Bum is set apart by Harmony Korine's distinctive style, but that isn't always enough to offset the unfocused story. It's almost like a chemical reaction. Retrieved November 2, Retrieved December 15, Minnie tracks down Moondog at a local bar, and the two enjoy a night of intoxicated karaoke and dancing, culminating with Minnie drunkenly driving into oncoming traffic.

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