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Piss-poor lighting that makes her hair look plastic, an awful watch and some weird motions. It might not look that great but watch and investigate! See the 18th second of GIF and post below. Third is teary eyes with a wink. I just want to have my penis sucked by Snow White.

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Top 30: Best Blowjob GIFs & Porn Videos of All-Time (2020)

This is how you give a great head. Head holding, hair pulling, deepthroating, lubrication and excessive drooling on dick. Just a random recommendation by a stupid algorithm, which turned out to be fruitful. The result is a collection of some of the greatest, blowjob GIFs of all-time. Not from my ex or current girlfriend, but a random club slut. For a moment I thought that this will be from one of the 4k porn sites, considering quality, but nope.

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