AppsFlyer solution for gaming apps

Power up your gaming app marketing

We give you the tools to attract, retain, and engage high-value players, while increasing ROI and maximizing your marketing budget

AppsFlyer solution for gaming apps: Attribution

Get the insights you need to acquire high-value players

Win the user acquisition game with full visibility into what drives players to your app. Our measurement suite helps you optimize user acquisition and LTV through detailed insights into the media sources and channels that convert the best.

AppsFlyer solution for gaming apps: Monetization

Take your monetization strategy to the next level

A strong monetization strategy is essential to the success of any gaming app. We help maximize your ROI by giving you insight into which in-game ads and purchases bring in the most revenue, while protecting your budget with comprehensive fraud protection.

AppsFlyer solution for gaming apps: Retention

Keep your players playing (and coming back for more)

Bringing players to your game is one thing, keeping them is another. Our advanced game analytics and cohort reports help you increase retention by giving you a full view into player behavior so you know exactly how, where, and when to engage them.

AppsFlyer solution for gaming apps: Audience segmentation

Grow your game by reaching the right players at the right time

The best way to grow your gaming app is to use your audience insights to find new players. Our audience tools help you create precise segments based on your current best-performing players to reach new audiences that maximize LTV.

Don’t just take our word for it

Kabam AppsFlyer Customer OG
Incremental lift in revenue
Increase in conversion rate
“With the help of AppsFlyer’s Incrementality solution, we were able to uncover critical insights and scale our remarketing efforts with confidence.”
concrete software success story - OG
Increase in total revenue
Increase in user sessions
Increase in non-organic installs
“Going from having to process this data ourselves to having it readily available right in front of us was a game changer. By the second week I could use the data to make an impact and move the needle.”
Huuuge AppsFlyer Customer OG
Increase in Day 1 ARPU
Increase in Day 3 ARPU
Increase in US-based iOS installs
“The ability to customize exactly the type of data we need with multiple KPIs, provides us a full 360-view at the click of a button. Our team can get all the specific insights they need, instantly, and in one place.”

Use the best tools in the game

Get the tools you need to understand which campaigns bring the highest value players, the best ways to keep them engaged, and how to build a successful monetization strategy.

CTV & OTT solution: Measure
CTV & OTT solution: Analyze
CTV & OTT solution: Engage
CTV & OTT solution: Protect
CTV & OTT solution: Connect

Team up with every global partner

Connect with more media sources, ad networks, and analytics partners than any other marketing platform.

AppsFlyer solution for gaming apps: Integrations

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