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Responsible for such titles as: Veteran Outrage Syndrome, Collateral Damage, and When the Music Stops, Grifter reflects on his observations of the masses with a critical eye towards group-think and identity politics. Like an idiot, I scroll down and start to read the comments. I start thinking back to Fallujah, and the cats and dogs, eating the corpses strewn throughout the streets. I head to my bedroom and stare at my shadow box for a bit. Louis with his wife and two dogs. Telling me that he expects someone with military experience to perform better. I finally move on to the best part of my day.

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Bryanna. Age: 24.
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He is also finishing his last year of school before moving on to become an attorney so he can charge people money to speak to him..

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Amina. Age: 29.
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I knock back my… um, third glass of bourbon…. Johnny "Grifter" Peddicord. One foot in front of the other. Life was simple: eat, sleep, patrol, repeat. Turning off the tv, I head to my desk, hoping the computer will bear more entertainment fruit than cable.

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