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In fact, I see her work floating around Tumblr all the time without any attribution to her, so here you go! Sometimes, I find the hubbub over describing Asian eyes problematic within itself. In fact, makeup artist JeannieO, in the Philippines, compiled a list of seven different types of monolids alone: StudioBox Different Types of Monolids. Racism posits a few things about Asians, like:. Well, who better to help us out with that than people who actually look at Asian eyes all day: Asian beauty bloggers and makeup artists. Kim Sang Woo, though, has a much longer eye shape, with sharper angles to them.

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Genesis. Age: 28.
tumblr japanese girl

There is no one way to look Asian!!!!

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Emersyn. Age: 20.
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The phrase seems so neutral, so innocuous. And then I stop suppressing it and simply give into the disgust. Your characters with small, rounded, prominent eyes can be beautiful! If you want to cause serious flinching in your readers, kill off a beloved character instead of being racist, okay? Monolids do not make a person exotic. Fetishization treats us as if our ethnic background makes us exotic, interchangeable dolls, where the most important thing about us is our race.

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