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Although no one was obvious like a guy would be, I did notice a couple of women seeming to be looking in my direction. To my surprise, Boston was a relatively small city, compared to London, where I went to college; yet, like London, it oozed history which was something that intrigued me. Realizing I was getting in over my head, even though my body was beginning to betray me, I stammered, "I-I-I should probably go," as I began to move out the other side of the booth. At home, I had two glasses of wine, hating paying for overpriced, watered down drinks. Just then, the waitress brought another round of drinks and another woman, also older, but blonde, I'm guessing a few years older than Laura, joined the table and asked, "So who is our new friend? When I first arrived at the bank, I could sense many were not happy with my hire.

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Karlee. Age: 26.
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I was younger than everyone in the company, even the tellers, and not being American seemed to also put a target on my back.

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Kaylynn. Age: 23.
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After work, I purchased a few new things including a couple pair of thigh high stockings which were just pantyhose without the top half I learned , a new lace bra with a matching thong and three new sexy pairs of knickers. Just as I paid the taxi driver, I got a text from Amber: We are running late. You are making us Americans look judgemental and petty. I was both excited at the opportunity and terrified as I had never been on my own before But Becky's words and disdain aimed at me made me ignore my better judgement and go out in public dressed in the sluttiest outfit I had ever worn. Her hand felt incredibly warm on my leg. Although I knew I was going to get pretty drunk at this rate, I needed the liquid courage to stay comfortable in this strange foreign situation.

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