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One of my neighbors told me the next day that he witnessed a guy and a girl drunkenly climb and fall out of my window and run off. Last year's Halloween, I was a vampire, which was my first time being a vampire. But what will definitely begin as a hot and heavy rendezvous with an equally bold and daring partygoer might turn into a messy, awkward, and ultimately hilarious sexual encounter. To this day, I still have no idea who this infamous Bambi was. I immediately jumped at him and made my bold, fearless, and way-too-intoxicated move. I continued to drink, got drunk, then started hooking up with my boyfriend. We made out, and I went back to his place with him before sneaking back to mine in the middle of the night.

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Mackenzie. Age: 22.
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I went around to my first-floor window and found it wide open.

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Paityn. Age: 30.
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6 Embarrassing Sex Stories On Halloween That Might Make You Rethink Your Costume

Naturally, I was scaring most people away, except for one girl, who seemed almost too excited about my costume. So I was hooking up with this guy with the lights off, and once we finished and turned the lights on, there were white flakes literally all over his bed and all over both of us. I was introduced to the owner, and we had mad chemistry. Because I was pretty embarrassed and didn't wanna spoil the mood, I decided to not bring it up. It was such a strange mix of colors, and naturally, they were mostly around her mouth, neck, and face. If you're trying to get some this Halloween, maybe keep your costume simple. So long story short, I failed to close because I covered a girl's face in makeup, then had to buy new sheets because some couple decided to cover my bed in blood and God knows what else.

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