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To catch the live or the replay, join the private group by going to community. We talked to queer psychologist Dr. EST or to catch the replay, subscribe at community. Can diseases be transferred from sex toys? Some of the questions we will be covering will be can women give other women HIV? To participate in the conversation, subscribe to the private group at community. But they were in relationships and in separate countries.

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Fatima. Age: 29.
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Power in relationships can be a complex and emotionally frustrating thing to master.

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Hadassah. Age: 29.
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Catch the live discussion on Sunday, August 18, at 7 p. Last year on our 10 year to-the-date Anniversary we were married in front of our beautiful families who love and support us fully. Leslie and Lervene first met five years ago on Facebook. But sometimes marrying the one you love is a huge painful mistake. The pair had a small wedding with four people at their ceremony. We fought long and hard for the right to marry the one you love. Curtesia Plunkett to get her take.

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