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Afterwards, I went to see a doctor and explained to him what had happened. Factors associated with self-reported unprotected anal sex among male sex workers in Mombasa, Kenya. In one strategy, sex workers supplied their own condoms rather than relying on the client to do so. However, there is limited research on the dynamics of actual condom use once their use has been successfully negotiated with clients. Some interview questions were also adopted as codes. Procedures Structured in-depth interviews were conducted by trained researchers fluent in KiSwahili and English, the most commonly spoken languages in Mombasa.

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Makayla. Age: 28.
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Data analysis All interviews were audio-recorded, translated from KiSwahili into English when necessary, and transcribed.

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Lisa. Age: 25.
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Some clients, in turn, reported using body lotion, petroleum jelly and saliva as lubricants for anal and vaginal sex and seemed unaware that these substances were condom-incompatible 35 and could damage condoms. Sexually Transmitted Infections. Discussion Our study shows that most sex workers and clients had experienced condom breakages at least once during commercial sex, while a few also experienced breakages on multiple occasions. The interviews examined a variety of topics, such as sex work debut e. A prospective study on condom slippage and breakage among female brothel-based sex workers in Singapore.

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