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The few goths who still walk across the square by the city's Norman cathedral are not so sure. But the council wardens believe the airsoft games, which they hope to hold every half-term, will spread via word of mouth, bringing the two tribes together in war - and bringing peace to Cathedral Square. But Mr Mayes admits there is one small problem: most of the goths were so laid-back they couldn't get up in time for the war games. Police have also received a spate of calls from members of the public terrified by teenagers firing the frighteningly realistic-looking BB guns at each other on the streets. The scene of regular standoffs between gangs of marauding chavs and goths.

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Audrina. Age: 28.
hot chavs

He points out a chav, swaggering through the square on the toes of his immaculate white trainers.

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Karter. Age: 22.
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Goths and chavs go to war in the woods in attempt to keep the peace on the streets

They say: 'I hang about on the square because I haven't got anything else to do, innit? The street wardens were introduced three years ago to tackle antisocial behaviour and petty street crime but have found the antagonism between chavs and goths difficult to quell. Kenny admits he was once a "borderline" chav but got in with skaters, punks and then goths. War games do not appear the most obvious way to bring together these teenage tribes, as distinctive and implacably opposed to each other as the mods and rockers of the s. War games in the countryside? Because we hang about in big groups separate from one another people think there's trouble and it's intimidating.

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