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Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. Analysis includes children and teenagers aged 1 to 19, Black defined as non-Hispanic, age 0 to 1 calculated separately by the CDC because leading causes of death for newborns and infants are specific to the age group. The rural-urban continuum: variability in statewide serious firearm injuries in children and adolescents. Another 36 percent of child and teen gun deaths are suicides—over 1, per year. Youth-centric intervention programs: A variety of programs exist to help children cope with witnessing firearm violence. Understanding racial differences in exposure to violent areas: integrating survey, smartphone, and administrative data resources.

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black teens exposed

Development and Psychopathology.

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Black Teen Exposed

Children and teenagers aged 0 to Stress related to gun violence affects student performance and well-being in schools. Black children in Columbus, OH, were exposed to 66 percent more violence, on average, than white children. While the above discussion shows the disparate experiences of gun violence by race and ethnicity, the data further show that gun violence is concentrated in specific neighborhoods in cities, with some schools and certain communities experiencing gun violence with an alarming frequency. The disproportionate impact of gun violence on Black and Hispanic children and teens extends to schools. Urban and low-income youth are much more likely to witness gun violence than suburban and higher-income youth. Responsible gun storage and child access prevention laws: Responsible storage laws require people to store firearms responsibly to prevent unsupervised access to firearms.

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