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Make it your bitch, bring out its feminine side. The sound of her laughter rings through my head and makes me swell in my cage. Find the time and the will every day. Make sure there will be no skipping on routines. This might seem like unnecessary play only but it is not. I am proud to be a slave to the Superior Sex.

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Audrina. Age: 28.
chastity caps

Find the time and the will every day.

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Jenna. Age: 24.
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Male Chastity Captions

I love the fact that the very first and IMHO most important item is chastity! Humiliation makes it more humble. She turns the speed up and down for her amusement, taking me to the edge then backing me off. I have been given the mission of promoting male chastity, enabling the females of the world to harness inferior males like myself by caging their genitals and controlling their sexual release. She keeps the vibrator running at full speed for some considerable time after I have finished ejaculating because, she says, since I only get to come once a week, she has to make sure that I am completely emptied out. Lock its genitals in order to restrict access.

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