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Occasionally, cows are observed to leak milk continuously. Diagnosis is by needle aspiration. They can range from diffuse, tightly adherent lesions to highly mobile discrete lesions that float throughout the gland cistern. Complex teat obstructions or obstructions in valuable animals may require diagnostic imaging such as ultrasonography, contrast radiography, or theloscopy endoscopy. Acquired teat obstructions are usually the result of proliferation of granulation tissue after the occurrence of an observed or unobserved teat injury. Which of the following organisms is most likely to be spread between cows via aerosol transmission? The condition is suspected to have a genetic basis, and these animals are often removed from the milking herd.

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These can be recognized by intermittent disruptions in milk flow.

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High levels of intramammary pressure in high-producing dairy cows may result in milk dripping from teats. In most cases, it resolves without treatment in 4—14 days, provided the gland is milked out regularly. Teat obstructions can be diagnosed initially by careful palpation of the affected gland. Udder swelling from edema or trauma is a potential underlying cause. Teat obstructions are usually recognized when they interfere with milk flow. All injuries to, or surgical procedures on, the teat should be handled carefully to prevent infection.

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