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The terms provided for the surrender of 11, troops in Santiago and 12, more in the general vicinity of the city. Click here for a printer-friendly version In the closing years of the 19th century, the United States began to emerge as a world power. This new version of Manifest Destiny arose from strategic and economic concerns and appeals to religious and emotional sentiments. The Spanish fleet in Santiago hastily attempted to flee to the open sea, but was intercepted and destroyed by the U. Army was little prepared for war. Short on supplies and under heavy pressure, the Spanish realized that their defeat was imminent. Army Center of Military History.

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destiny cuban

In less than two months, the Spanish fleet was destroyed and the Philippines declared independence from Spain.

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The Army had little training or experience in the operations requiring units larger than a regiment, had no mobilization plan, lacked a well-organized command staff, and had no experience in joint operations with the U. As a result of the Spanish-American War, the United States would enter the 20th century as a global colonial power. Army was little prepared for war. Sailors and sending the ship to the bottom. Meanwhile, the Navy moved quickly to engage the Spanish fleet in the Philippines.

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