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When I got out, I checked that my son was sleeping and he was so I proceeded to the living room with a tee shirt and towel on. It felt weird but I did get that erotic feeling again. I was about to fall asleep and she came in and said that I have to sleep naked tonight. About 2 hours after that and when they had had their fun, MIL said I think you have had enough for today. She laid there just glowing for 10 minutes until I just had to open the door and tell her it was a nice show. Now when I jack off, I cant help but think of that situation. He eyes widened and gave out a small gasp and to my delight she watched and mumbled to herself for a full minute before going back to what she was doing in the kitchen.

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Audrey. Age: 24.
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The 1st week in February the same thing with my wife on a business trip and me going over to my MILs house to put up a shelf.

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Halle. Age: 32.
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Mother in Law & Mother.

She came up to me and said lets get to the point, strip. My FIL passed away in October 2 years ago. We've been having good talks when I come over to help her out with stuff around her house. After a really long pause I said are you sure? If anyone else has any other ideas of how to expose yourself to your mother in law or women and making it look like an accident, let me know!!! So last night again my wife is on a business trip and we were going to watching the oscars at my place.

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