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The Grand Finals for WoT had 1. Wargaming is honest about their companies motives, saying eSports has to be entertaining and it has to be a business. Community Forum Software by IP. Jesus, the OP is worse at posting than he is at playing. Everyone knows they're not. People like PewDiePie are making millions every single year simply by sitting in front of their computer with a controller. I play it because in spite of being just a bit better than average I am obsessed, not with any hope or desire to make any financial return whatsoever.

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world of tanks pornstar

It is late and I am a little tired.

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I think you used more word to say absolutely nothing than anybody I have seen on this forum. Think of all the maps they demolished to make them compatible with esports. Jesus, the OP is worse at posting than he is at playing. Hurk 12 Posted Oct 09 - Major. Anyone who thinks video games are a sport is a [edited]anyway. The Gold league will provide a salary for each team that makes it in.

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