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Our book shows that black and white photographers were capable of making sympathetic photographs of African Americans. As becoming a photographer became simpler and less expensive during the course of the 19th century, hundreds more African Americans became professional photographers, running their own studios, traveling with their cameras, or working for other photographers. As a group we came together several times and culled to photographs or so, and we continued to refine as the themes came together until we had about 60 photographs. Laura Coyle: This book includes a broad range of photographers: black and white, male and female, amateur and professional, established in studios and itinerant. During the process we also consulted with Professor Tanya Sheehan, who contributed an essay to this book. Many photographs were used in a variety of ways, but for each photograph in the book, we chose a single way it was used to illustrate one theme. African Americans faced extreme challenges to their welfare, and they continuously fought for equal rights and social justice.

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Left: Ambrotype of Frederick Douglass,

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Photographers adapted, and cheaper tintypes, ambrotypes, and photographic prints soon made daguerreotypes obsolete. While overall the book celebrates black life and achievement, and the power African Americans gained in creating and commissioning their own images, we also wanted to be honest about the challenges African Americans faced and how photography was often used against them. In particular I am pleased with the opportunity to ask people to look at these early photographs with new questions and to consider multiple meanings and purposes, for these images, then and now. That Howland collected this image for her album is important because while Tubman is such an icon in the American imagination, and particularly for the African American story, people may be surprised to learn that Tubman was also a great hero in her own time. MGM: Working with a publication committee, we identified all the photographs in our current collection that date to the s or earlier, and we each selected images we thought were most appealing for this book, with a special emphasis on 19th-century photographs. In the end, we settled on six themes that exemplify the use of photographs in this early period. Rapidly, though, this process became faster, cheaper, and easier.

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