Genital torture tumblr

genital torture tumblr
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A common method, chosen to maximize pain and distress, was to use electrodes fixed to particularly sensitive parts of the victim's body for the duration of the torture session. Le Nouvel Observateur Interview in French. Methods of preparation included heavy stimulation of the genitals, often with vibrators and ointments that increase sensitivity, such as peppermint oil or various types of pepper. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Electric shock torture has been, and still is, used in many places in the world, and often the victim is restrained on a frame or table.

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genital torture tumblr

For the female, the fixed lead wire would be attached to an electrode — either a short metal rod or, for better electrical contact, a moistened steel wool pan scrub - and the electrode would then inserted into her vagina.

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Gwendolyn. Age: 24.
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Parrilla (torture)

Electricity was drawn from a standard wall socket and fed through a control box to the victim by two wires terminating in electrodes. As a result, it has achieved an almost legendary status. She says she was 'spared the parrilla', [2] so indicating in a single phrase that in her opinion her tortures were less severe than those of many of her fellow Chileans. The parrilla is both the metal frame and the method of torture that uses it. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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