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eva andressa images
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She decided to begin competing again, and set herself new ambitions of winning bigger shows. She plans her diet around lean proteins, fruit and vegetables. Eva has taught us that following a healthy lifestyle can lead you to happiness. Over the next 6 years, Eva was featured in numerous magazines around the world, becoming globally recognized. Under the guidance of her husband, she walked away as the Figure champion. With a strong following of over a million, she has become a fitness icon. And what did Western science learn when they finally unlocked the secret?

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Mikayla. Age: 22.
eva andressa images

Eva gets her motivation from the fans that have been following her fitness journey from the beginning:.

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Aisha. Age: 30.
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Eva Andressa: Top 20 Pics and Videos

By clicking Subscribe you agree to allow us to keep you informed of our latest news and any guides. When competing, Eva followed a very strict diet in order to maintain her lean physique. You are stunning and beyond!!!! Hint: It delivers a brand-new opportunity to cut fat and get lean quickly and easily. Despite this being one of the most difficult categories to enter, not only was she placed 1st again, but she won the overall as well.

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