Sleeping together tumblr

sleeping together tumblr
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I think im falling for you. And whenever I try to get them back, you instantly feel bad and try to give me all of them. The worst fucking thing is when I find myself only half awake and I feel the sadness of reaching my arm across the bed out of habit, expecting it to find its way on his back and feel his warm skin, only to realize that he is not there and I am alone again. When the clock hit I dreaded that you would have to leave my arms in an hour. How our bodies seem to fit perfectly together. I knew that you had to go to work so I could only look forward to the next night in bed with you.

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Ahh, that feeling when you wake up and you feel their arms around you, calming you down, asking you to just be with them and go back to sleep.

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Sleeping with you

Sleeping next to someone you love makes you fall asleep faster, reduces depression, and helps you live longer. I just wish that it would come sooner. But if you ask me the worst fucking thing is the sadness I feel when reality kicks in and after spending a week of having him fall asleep next to me in bed and waking up to his sleepy face and crazy pillow hair and kissing him awake, making him smile innocently, it all goes away. Want to see more posts tagged sleeping with you? And now I finally understand. Personal Sleeping Sleeping with you Sleeping by myself.

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